Dr. Arianne Missimer

Dr. Arianne Missimer, Human Movement Specialist

BS in Dietetics combined with a fitness concentration (University of Delaware), DPT from Neumann University

16+ years in the fitness and nutrition industry

5+ years as a physical therapist

Owned and operated CORE Fitness (performance training studio) for the past 13 years, Clinic Director of Kinetic Physical Therapy (West Chester PA Location)

Awarded the “2015 Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Specialist of the Year” by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, “2011 Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year” by the American Dietetic Association and received the “2010 Outstanding Alumni Award” from the University of Delaware.

Certifications: Strong First Level 2 instructor (SFG2), FMT Level 1 & 2, Master Instructor for the EFBA, Certified Indian Club Specialist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS), Golf Medical Professional Level 3 and K-Vest Level 3. She is also certified in Neurokinetic Therapy, the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SMFA), and Y Balance Test.