Coach Erik Miller M.S.

Coach Erik Miller M.S., ​is a strength and conditioning coach that specializes in teaching the basic skills of movement.  As a P.E. teacher and Strength coach at Malvern Prep School, he has taught hundreds of students from rank beginners to Division I Athletes the art of bodyweight, kettlebell, and weightlifting exercises.  His 10+ years of experience has provided him the ability to make everyone a better athlete and coach.

      – 9+ years experience as a Head Strength and Conditioning Coach (Malvern Prep)

      – 4+ certifications (CSCS, Level 2 USAW Senior Coach, CrossFit Coach, RKC)

      – 1+ year experience as sole proprietor of a personal training business

      – 7+ years teaching physical education at the high school level (Malvern Prep)

      – Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Fit EDU