Advanced Kettlebell Coaching

Approval for 8 contact hours (CEUs) by: ACE, AFAA, NASM, NSCA

Learn to perform, evaluate, and coach advanced kettlebell exercises to clients and athletes with our Advanced Kettlebell Coaching Seminar.
This is an advanced course only open to those who have attended Kettlebell Coaching: Swing, Goblet Squat, and Turkish Get-Up and those with a level 1 certification from a short list of other kettlebell certification providers (email for the list). This 8-hour seminar will prepare you to program and coach for advanced students in one-on-one, small group, and large group formats.

You will become proficient in performing, evaluating, and coaching the kettlebell one-arm swing, clean, press, front squat, and snatch.

Advanced Kettlebell Coaching builds on the foundation of Primary Kettlebell Coaching Seminar. Participants will further develop their coach’s eye and confidently correct a variety of movement issues through coaching drills and corrective exercises utilizing the same proven coaching model from our primary coaching seminar.

All participants receive our 40+ page Manual, Shirt, and presentation for continuing learning after the seminar.
This seminar covers:

  • Safety concerns
  • The joint-by-joint approach to kettlebell training
  • Breathing and postural control (assessment and correctives)
  • Anti-Rotation and kettlebell training
  • Kettlebell Ballistics and Arc differences
  • Improve your ability to evaluate movement with your coach’s eye.
  • Countless drills and coaching fixes for each of the 5 exercises
  • Advanced Programming: kettlebell only and “blended training”

**Please Note:  Physical, skill, and coaching tests will be held at the conclusion of the seminar. These tests are designed to provide attendees with honest feedback on their ability to perform, evaluate, and coach kettlebell exercises. **

Physical Test:

3-minute snatch test in which the participants must perform 50 snatches with quality form throughout.

Skill Test:

This is a low repetition test out used to demonstrate your ability to perform each of the level 2 movements with high quality form.

Coaching Test:

Much like in the CKC-1 we place the highest value on this test. You must demonstrate your ability to demonstrate and coach each of the level 2 movements while be graded by a Master CKC Kettlebell Coach.