Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic Conditioning: Movements and Program Designs that Deliver ​​8 contact hours (CEUs) for NASM, ACE, NSCA, ISSA, and AFAA 

You will learn a wide variety of unique exercises that can produce an amazing metabolic stimulus with limited equipment and space. Be ready to embrace thinking outside the box and getting your clients to achieve much more with much less equipment. Come ready to learn a variety of training modalities and methods you can put to use with your clients the next day! You will learn how to design challenging and fun programs for your clients that will keep them coming back for more!

Course Detail:
“Metabolic Conditioning” is one of the most popular training techniques used by fitness professionals today.  However, the science behind this training and appropriate application of training principles are often disregarded.  This course is designed to teach you the science behind the techniques and introduce a plethora of practical methods you can implement with your clients IMMEDIATELY.  This high-intensity, Interactive workshop gives you the tools to deliver challenging and fun metabolic workouts to help your clients achieve their goals.  Come ready to train because you will put the science to practical use!

You will learn:

  • A variety of established protocols including:
    • Single Exercise Method
    • Couplets
    • Triplets
    • Tabata
    • On The Minute Training
    • Continuous Running Clock
    • Ladders
  • How to use a variety of modalities (medicine ball, battling ropes, kettlebells, etc.)
  • How and when to progress “metabolic” exercises
  • How to program metabolic conditioning into client programs
  • How to appropriately manipulate training variables
  • The significance of specificity in metabolic conditioning


Metabolic Conditioning at ACAC West Chester: 9/13/14