YMCA Wellness Center Essentials

YMCA Wellness Center Essentials is a live, on-site, and hands-on course offered to Wellness Center Attendants/Instructors. This course has been developed by current and former YMCA Wellness Directors with over 30 years of combined YMCA experience.  The YMCA Mission and Core Values are integrated into each module.  Wellness Center Essentials has been designed to provide Wellness Center Staff tools to engage and build meaningful relationships with members, ensure safety, and assist with exercise technique. Simply put, this course is designed to improve the member experience by empowering Wellness Center Staff with critical relationship and exercise skills to best serve members.


By attending Wellness Center Essentials Staff Will:
  • Learn the factors related to member service,  building meaningful relationships and leadership qualities
  • Develop hands-on skills in demonstrating, correcting, and teaching muscular strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility exercise
  • Better understand proper physiological and scientific principles related to strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular exercise
  • Learn proper training guidelines and exercise instruction techniques
  • Learn factors of exercise safety & injury prevention


Please note: Staff are given 3-4 hours of suggested preparatory work, tested at the conclusion of the seminar, and those who pass are awarded a YMCA Wellness Center Essentials Certificate. One retest is allowed within 60 days of the course and the test is proctored by the Wellness Center Staff Supervisor. There is a 30 participant maximum for each course. For more information or to schedule email us at