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We design educational seminars tailor-made for your staff and facility

Large conferences: We’ve all been to them…  we had to fly or drive to get there…. too many attendees … and after the cost of the conference, hotel room, and food… it’s just too expensive.  You end up with little to no one-on-one time with the instructors and hope… the group of strangers you have been partnered with will take the event seriously.

Fit E-D-U has been founded to make the impersonal, oversized fitness conference a thing of the past.

We promise to:

  • Hold the seminar in the comfort of your facility
  • Charge less than our competitors
  • Have your staff work and learn together in an exciting and very practical environment
  • ​Keep our seminars small enough to guarantee individual attention

Skills Clinic

Skills Clinic Testimonials

The Kettlebell exercises I learned in your class are wonderful tools to correct a lot of issues such as glute inhibition and shoulder instability.  I also love to use them in circuit routines for my clients and it works great!  Thank you for the knowledge.  Taking your class was very beneficial for myself and my clients.
Thurl Holbert, on a Kettlebells Skills Clinic
“I learned so much about Kettlebell Technique and how to use a small piece of equipment for overall fitness.  Both instructors were friendly, funny, and very knowledgable. What a great training! My kettlebell at home won’t be gathering dust anymore.”
Diane Carroll, on a Kettlebells Skills Clinic

Pottstown Crossfit Kettlebells Skills Clinic Testimonials